We talk a lot about how to get great reviews for your business over here at WeddingPro. Why? Namely because 87% of couples use reviews to select their vendors as their going through the wedding planning process. We get asked a lot of questions about this topic from business owners brand-new to the world of weddings and from those who’ve been doing it for years. Here, 10 of the most-asked questions and answers about how to get reviews for your wedding business!

1. What’s the earliest you should ask for a review after the wedding?

A good rule of thumb is to wait 2-3 weeks after the wedding to reach out to your couple asking them for a review. That’s enough time so that they probably will have gotten back from their honeymoon by then but close enough to the wedding that everything should still be fresh in their minds. 

2. How can you get couples to leave a thoughtful, personalized review? And one that includes our names (I’ve heard name-checking is good!)?

When you reach out to your couple asking them for a review, take the time to craft a personalized message to them. Mention specific moments that you had together with your clients that they loved (like, “I loved how we even got your uncle to dance” or “I’m so glad we were able to create a menu that honored both of your family backgrounds”). Giving them something specific to recall may help relieve them of writers block. Plus, it should encourage them to leave a more meaningful response! End your email by requesting that they leave you a review (rather than asking). For example, you might say something like, “When you have a moment, please leave me/us a review on TheKnot.com about your experience. You can help us win Best of Weddings for the 3rd year in a row!” Then sign off with your first name!    

3. Any creative ideas as to how to encourage them to leave a review beyond an email? 

Honestly, an email works really well because it gives you the opportunity to drop in those all-important links straight to where you want your clients to leave a review. That said, we know a few pros who have figured out that sending a little something (a small gift) to their couples after the wedding day helps trigger them to leave a review. Note that we’re not saying you should send a gift in exchange for a review–but rather you might send your couple something as a token of your appreciation for them. When that couple reaches back out to you thanking you for the gift, that’s your cue to ask them for a review. Don’t have it in the budget to send a gift? Send a photo of you and the couple (either before the wedding or after the wedding) and wish them a happy first 10 days of marriage. It should have a similar effect!

4. How many times should you ask the same person for a review before giving up? Does it become nag to keep asking for reviews when the couple promised to give but has not as yet? 

If you’re trying to figure out how many times to reach out to a past client, a good rule of thumb is 3 times. First reach out 2-3 weeks after their honeymoon, then follow up a week later. Then if still no review, make a note to ask them for a review on their 6-month or 1-year anniversary. Beyond outreach, it’s vital that you make the review process as easy as possible for your couples. Email them with a link. Include sample reviews from other clients and feed them a little content if possible (“I’m so glad you trusted us to come up with a tabletop design that was really out-of-the-box yet beautiful!”). 

5. Can I rearrange my reviews? How?

Yes! On The Knot you can pin your favorite 3 reviews to the top of your reviews list when you become a member. And on WeddingWire you can pin 1 review to the top of your reviews list. So if you have a review or two that you’re particularly proud of because they mention specific moments and name check you and the team, you can add those to the top of the page so that couples read that one first. Just make sure the reviews you pin to the top aren’t too old. Recency matters. So if you have one from a year or two ago, that’s okay but make sure that the other two are from the last 12 months.

6. Should we be collecting reviews on both The Knot and WeddingWire or just one? 

Yes! WeddingWire and The Knot are two separate sites and provide two separate experiences for couples planning their weddings. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re asking your clients to review you on both sites.

7. Is it a problem if my couples just cut and paste the same review into multiple sites?

Yes! Asking your clients to just copy and paste the same review into multiple locations (like The Knot and WeddingWire) could actually have a negative impact on your page SEO value. In other words, having duplicate content in both places could cause search engines like Google to rank your page lower than it would otherwise. How to deal? Simply ask your couples that if they’re reviewing you in both places to mention something different on each one. And make it easy on them.

8. How do you respond to a negative review because the client did not follow contract rules at the venue?

 If you receive a sub-par review give yourself time to digest it and come up with a clear and articulate response. When you do go to craft your response, follow this simple formula: acknowledge that the person is unhappy (“we’re sorry your experience wasn’t everything you had hoped it would be”), address the issue and then explain what it is that you did to help fix it (“when your flowers did not arrive on time, we did our very best to find you an alternative flower that was as close to the original as possible”). You may not be able to change the opinion of the person who wrote the negative review, but your response will signal to future clients how you handle those sorts of situations and ultimately put you in a great customer-centric light!

9. How can I display my reviews from The Knot and WeddingWire on my website?

We totally get that being able to share your reviews on your website is super important for your business. Here’s how to publish your reviews from The Knot and WeddingWire to your website.

In your WeddingWire account, head to the “Reviews” tab and click on “Reviews Widget” in the side menu. Simply choose the widget color and then copy and paste the HTML code into your website. It will display your three most recent reviews and allow website visitors to access your WeddingWire Storefront to see more.


In your account on The Knot, click on the “For Your Website” tab. Here you can you copy and paste the HTML code for the “Couples Love Us!” badge into your website. Having this badge on your website will allow viewers to easily access your Storefront and reviews.


10. When do the reviews need to be completed to qualify for Best of Weddings and Couples’ Choice Awards?

In order to qualify for the 2020 Best of Weddings Award, you will need to collect at least 10 4- or 5-star reviews on The Knot between November 1, 2018 – October 31, 2019.

In order to qualify for the 2020 Couples’ Choice Award, you must collect at least 5 4- or 5-star reviews on WeddingWire between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.