What is Engagement Season?

Engagement season is the time of year when a large spike in the number of engagements occurs.

When is Engagement Season?

Most couples get engaged during the holiday season, between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. Christmas continues to be the most popular day to get engaged, with 7 out of the 10 most popular days to get engaged taking place in December. Check out more details in our engagement infographic below.

1. Do a photo review.

This is the time to be extra picky about your images. So take a moment to look over all of your images across your social channels and website and ask yourself: Does this reflect my very best? If the answer is no or you’re on the fence, archive it! And make sure you have your latest work online: “Add weddings from this past season, and make sure your press page includes your top features from 2019,” says Meghan Ely of OFD Consulting. “Add any current awards, and see if your team bios need any adjustments.”

2. Check that copy.

Ignore the notion that no one reads these days, suggests Sam Jacobson of Ideaction Consulting. “About 80% of the people will skim for info, so you’ve got to write great headlines and put interesting captions on photos. For the remaining 20% (literally thousands on your site and in your feed) they crave content,” Sam says. “They aren’t mindless searching or scrolling, they want to learn what you do! Easily stand out in a crowded marketplace by doing that better than your comp set.”

3. Run an analytics check.

At The Knot Worldwide, we’re obsessed with ensuring that your channels (TheKnot.com and WeddingWire.com) are working for you. That’s why it’s so incredibly important to sit down and review your site analytics. Check: the number of people visiting your channels each month, compared to the number of people that reach out each month, compared to the number of bookings. Then, figure out which area you need to focus on in order to increase bookings and make a plan for your wedding services!

4. Do a brand audit. 

“You aren’t ready for engagement season unless you have done a self brand audit!” says Kaleigh Wiese of Meldeen. “Before the class of 2020 couples hits your digital media, give your brand a look with fresh eyes.” Amongst the audits Kaleigh suggests: check to make sure your logo and brand colors are consistent across all of your digital and paper marketing materials. “Make sure you only have four fonts in your brand package: logo, headers, accents and body font,” says Kaleigh.

5. Take time to nurture your network & social channels.

Have a little downtime during the holiday season? “With the winter season being generally a slow time of year for the wedding season don’t get lulled into a drop in regular social media posting,” says Matthew Gencarella of byDesign Films. “Even if you are taking time off for Holidays pre-schedule posts so it is quick and easy to stay fresh and consistent in front of your potential clients. Remember, just like your family, most of your target clients will be relaxing on the couch scrolling through Instagram during the holidays!” This will better help you connect with them during engagement season.

And mind your network too! “Consider sending out holiday greetings, setting up catch up coffee dates and prioritize networking events,” says Meghan. “If you find you’ve experienced any significant shifts within the company–be it staff changes or adjustments to your services, make a plan to reach out to the top vendors referring business to you, so that they are fully prepared to sing your praises.”

Photo: Dana Cubbage Weddings