Ways to Know When a Sales Lead is a Good One

There is a lot of marketing advice about how to connect with your ideal client but, just because you’ve built a brand around a certain customer type, that doesn’t mean that every inquiry landing in your inbox is them. So, when it comes down to making sure that you are actually booking the couples who are your ideal client, knowing how to qualify leads becomes an important sales skill to have. Today we wanted to help you know when a sales lead is a good one so your calendar gets filled with couples who make you want to show up and do the work. Read on to learn how to qualify leads and then refine your sales process before booking season starts!


What’s the difference between a qualified lead and an ideal client?

There is a fine line between qualified leads and ideal clients but it is an important distinction to make. Because, just like even though every square is a rectangle but not every rectangle is a square, not every qualified lead is an ideal client. Keep this in mind as you continue reading because, as much as we all want to only book ideal clients, the reality is that you’re more likely to be filling your calendar with qualified leads.

A qualified lead is someone who meets the criteria for booking your services—that means they are engaged, want to get married in your service area, and are interested in your service.

An ideal client is the couple that you most want to book—that means they are a qualified lead as well as have things like certain personality traits and design ideas you love working with and/or are also looking at hiring the other pros you collaborate best with.


What does it mean to qualify a lead? 

Don’t be intimidated by the sales jargon—qualifying leads is simply the process you go through to figure out if a lead is a good fit and/or likely to book you. The good thing is, you are in total control of developing a process for yourself because who you consider to be a qualified lead is unique to your business. So, when an inquiry lands in your inbox, your goal is to gather the information you need to make a judgment about whether or not you are a good fit for them. What are some of the factors you should be looking at?

  • Confirm that the couple is interested in getting married in the city or region you provide services in
  • Ask the couple specific questions so you know which service is the best fit for them
  • Qualify them as an ideal client by taking notes about their personality, aesthetic, and specific needs in order to feel confident that your working relationship with them will be a successful one

Pro-tip: Always be sure to ask where they found you! Often enough, the referral source (your Storefront on The Knot and/or WeddingWire, a past client, a vendor recommendation, etc.) can tell you a lot about them in and of itself. 


Build marketing messages to attract qualified leads

The key to making sure that most of the leads landing in your inbox are qualified is to clearly and consistently put out marketing messages that subtly talk about your qualifiers. No, you don’t always have to say them out loud and to another person (in case some of you just got a little sick to your stomach); rather, we want you to put them in all the places your potential clients are trying to find information about you! Where are those places and what can you be doing? Here are a few pieces of digital real estate that are prime for using to draw in qualified leads:


Your Storefronts

With millions of the most relevant pro recommendations to couples on The Knot and WeddingWire, your Storefronts are where a lot of them are getting their first impression of you. Make sure that your profiles are complete, your descriptions are unique, and that you’ve uploaded the best images from your portfolio because all of these are ways to communicate your budget, personality, and aesthetic qualifiers.


Your brand voice

Be sure to write in a brand voice that not only shows your personality but the kind you best connect with. 


Your website

Use the pages of your website to layer bits of information that help qualified leads understand that they are, in fact, qualified! For example, they should be able to figure out they are a good fit because you told them you provide services in the city or region they are getting married in on your homepage. And, they should be able to figure out that their needs match the services you provide because you made it clear on your services page.

Pro-tip: Want to make sure your website goes above and beyond for your ideal clients? They should be able to figure out they are going to have a good working relationship with you because your about page makes them feel like you are going to be fast friends. 


Your reviews

We’ve talked about easy ways to market your wedding business with client reviews in the past and we’ll bring them up again! Because, sometimes the best way to let a potential client know that they are looking at the right pro is to let someone else do the talking.


How to prepare for your sales calls

Even though there are lots of ways you can build a brand and marketing messages that attract qualified leads, the most effective way to figure out if you actually have one is through a sales call or consultation. Because, when you have the opportunity to get someone on the phone, that is your chance to dig in and learn what it is you need to know and judge whether they are a good fit or not. But, being good at doing this takes time and preparation, so we wanted to offer up a few tips to help you feel confident that you are getting the information you need:

  • Create a sales call sheet with predetermined questions to help keep yourself on track and organized during your call
  • Refer back to old sales call sheets to review what worked and identify where you can improve
  • Spend as much time listening as you do asking questions; sometimes the key to knowing whether or not a lead is qualified is not obvious  

Pro-tip: As important as it is to know whether a sales lead is a good one, it’s equally important to know when it’s not. Make sure you know what your “red flags” are and be sure to look and listen for cues your lead might be the wrong fit.


Have we got you thinking about all things sales? There are tons more resources to help you improve your sales skills on the WeddingPro blog! Click here more free sales tips and get ready to feel more confident leading into booking season! 


Photo Credit: Jacob Lund/shutterstock.com