The months and weeks leading up to booking season are absolutely the time to work on your business and tackle all of those branding and marketing to-dos that may have been piling up over the past year. Amongst the checklist items to tackle? Updating your Storefronts on The Knot and WeddingWire. With nearly 40% of proposals happening between November and February, it’s very likely you’re going to see an uptick Storefront views from potential future clients. So, let’s make sure that you’re creating a great first impression on your Storefronts with these seven simple checks!


1. Highlight the best images from your recent weddings


The images you display on your Storefronts help your potential clients learn a lot about your style, your past clients, and what it might be like working with you. So, when it comes to making sure you’re giving people what they want to see, we recommend uploading 30-50 of the best horizontal images from your recent weddings (we’ve found this to be the “sweet spot”). Don’t just upload an entire gallery from your favorite wedding though—be sure to upload images from a few different weddings since it helps couples get a clear understanding of the different things you are capable of. 

Pro Tip: Not sure which images to use? Go through your social channels and look for photos that performed particularly well. Those are probably the photos that will also resonate with couples on your Storefronts!

We do understand these numbers might be intimidating if you’re a newer business, and if that is the case, do your best to curate 15 really strong photos. You can always work your way up to 30-50 photos as you book more of the leads you get. Regardless of how many years you have been in business, here are a few best practices to follow:

  • Photographers should include photos that give couples examples of how you shoot portraits, details, ceremonies, and reception spaces
  • Venues should include photos that show how each space can be transformed with design (outdoor wedding venues are still in high demand, so be sure to highlight those spaces as well)
  • Florists, bakers, caterers, and bar service companies should include a mix of photos showing the details of what you create as well as photos of happy couples
  • Stationery designers should include flat lays of invitations suites and wedding-day details to demonstrate how your work supports the overall design
  • Wedding planners should upload images of happy couples, ceremony and reception spaces as well as professional images of you working (if you have them)
  • Wedding attire and jewelry boutiques should add images of dresses, rings, suits as well as photos of happy couples and of their studios
  • DJs, bands, and entertainment pros should upload photos of packed dance floors as well as professional photos of you working


2. Make it easy for couples to contact you


One of your big goals should be to make it impossibly easy for couples to reach out to you. So, if it’s not on your Storefronts already, add contact information, your website, a quick bio about yourself or your team, and a professional headshot so that couples can easily reach out to you.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to add your social handles to your Storefronts. Once a couple discovers you, they’re more than likely going to look for you on Instagram and Facebook!


3. Display your pricing information*


The truth is that if you want to drive highly qualified couples your way, then pricing transparency is the way to go. Why? When you display your pricing (even just a price range), you’re more likely to attract couples who are comfortable with that range and ready to work with you. In fact, 78% of couples told us in a recent survey that seeing pricing before inquiring was important to them.

Pro Tip: Customize your offerings to ensure couples are receiving personalized proposals that work for their budget.


4. Share your availability**


There’s a really fun feature called the WeddingWire Availability tool. It allows you to block out the dates when you’re booked so that you pop up on available weekends that match the couples’ ideal dates. As couples are looking to reschedule, make sure you’re using the tool and that it’s completely up to date!

Pro Tip: Set your default weekly availability by selecting the number of weddings you can schedule per day.


5. Answer their questions before they ask


If you want to give potential clients a small taste of what it might be like to work with you, you can take some initiative and answer their questions before they ask. Include FAQs to help couples get a better understanding of who you are right off the bat and if you provide the service they need. This is easy to do on WeddingWire by completing the FAQ section and selecting your products and service filters on The Knot.

Pro Tip: Beyond your bio and the services you offer, make sure you’re giving couples a really great understanding as to who you are, what you offer and why it’s important to you. Couples are looking to connect with the person and the brand behind the images so don’t be shy about sharing!


6. Make sure you have plenty of recent and rave reviews


Now is absolutely the time to ensure you have a lot of recent and rave reviews on your Storefronts. If there’s a past couple you haven’t received a review from, reach out to see if they’d be willing to write you one. To nudge them along, you might also shoot them a text to check in on them and let them know that you just sent them a request for a review.

Pro Tip: You can request reviews directly from your accounts on The Knot and WeddingWire or get a link to send to couples directly.


7. Respond to every one of your reviews


It’s always important to respond to all of your reviews (positive or negative), and it’s especially important to do it leading up to booking season. This is a great way to not only let your past clients know you’ve seen the review but also to give future clients “proof” that you are who you say you are.

Pro Tip: Respond to each review in a personal way. Instead of just replying with a “thank you so much!” drop them a line that includes details and highlights of their day. And don’t forget to mention them by name.

To make it easier for you, we created a Storefront best practices cheat sheet for you. Download it here!

* Not available for all categories.