There is a lot to consider when you’re trying to grow your wedding photography business. From how you’ll adjust your packages and pricing to whether hiring associates is the right course of action, it can be confusing to figure out how exactly you’ll reach your goals. That confusion is likely why you turned to the internet, but the only thing you really learned was that there are a lot of opinions out there—and you still need help coming up with a plan that works. 

Here’s the thing—while you do have lots of choices when it comes to marketing your photography business, not every marketing channel is created equal. That’s because different marketing channels (and tactics) are best suited for different goals: some will help you build your brand, others will showcase your expertise, and a few are meant to help you get in front of inquiring couples—which is exactly what you’re trying to do. So today (and right now), we wanted to help you narrow the scope on things you need to be thinking about in order to help you come up with an effective plan that ends with more booked clients. Read on for our best marketing tips about how to promote your wedding photography business.


Your timing Matters

Like a lot of aspects of your business, timing matters when it comes to how you market your wedding photography services. Because you’re not just trying to get in front of any couple at any point in their relationship; rather, you need to get in front of engaged couples when they are researching and ready to hire a photographer. That means the broader, brand building channels you might be using to market your business in other ways aren’t the right ones for the job—you need to use one that threads the needle and puts you in front of inquiring minds as they are actively searching for the best wedding photographer in their area.

When you advertise with The Knot and WeddingWire, your business gets put in front of couples at exactly the right time. Millions of couples come to The Knot and WeddingWire every year because they know it is where they will find the best wedding pros and having a Storefront means that we can put your business in front of those engaged couples at just the right time in their planning journey—when they have every intention of hitting inquire.


Focus on expanding your reach

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to how to promote your wedding photography business is making sure you’re being seen by couples who are engaged every single day. And this can be hard for a lot of photographers because they often use (read: rely on) just one marketing channel. Doing so leaves you at the mercy of algorithms and feeling like you need to constantly be creating content—all in the hopes that you’ll find the magic formula and will be discovered by new people at the pace you need. The thing is, putting all your eggs in one proverbial basket isn’t the smartest thing—using a few different tactics is. 

We’ve talked a lot about SEO (search engine optimization) because it is one of the ways you can continually expand your reach on the internet. And, while you can (and should) work to optimize the pages of your website, you can also take advantage of the SEO boost you get with a Storefront. We invest heavily in search and social to reach couples everywhere they’re wedding planning and this is all to maximize the reach and effectiveness of your advertising spend. Our built-in SEO and audience retargeting power means that we reach couples early in their engagement and keep them coming back to your Storefronts throughout every step of the planning process.

Pro-tip: Learn more about how advertising with The Knot and WeddingWire can help you get found by couples.


Let others do the talking for you

Social proof is a pillar of any marketing plan for a reason—your potential clients want to know what it is like working with you. It’s why millions of couples read reviews on The Knot and WeddingWire every year and it’s why having a process to ask your couples for reviews is an important part of how you market your wedding photography business. And between the ways we make it easy to have your reviews displayed on your website to create continuity to how your reviews give couples the impression they need and the details they want about your services, this marketing tactic is more than worth your while.

When you want to book more wedding clients, investing in advertising is a smart way to diversify your approach and increase your impact. Your first step? Figure out if advertising on The Knot or WeddingWire is best for you and then reach out to get started!


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